Spiritual life is an organic process

Spiritual life is an organic process, like physical growth or maturation.

The man grows gradually, in proportion to his struggle, and has stages of development.

And in the period of growth, at the same time as the action of Grace, sin is also present in it.

Don’t think that your whole soul has been enlightened:

Within it there remains a great pasture of addiction, and much work and effort is still needed.

According to the Grace that acts on the soul.

+ São Macário the Great

What is NoFap and why??

In this article I’m going to be sharing specifically why it is in your best interest to stop jerking off.

And you’re going to notice that this article is just a little bit more in depth and personal than what I’m typically doing.

I’m going to be showing you my…

Why Man is a Macrocosm inside a Microcosm

Why the senses were created and why man is a macrocosm in a microcosm.

You must remember, dear reader, that God created the invisible world first and then the visible world.

“to reveal greater wisdom and the multiple purposes of nature”, as theologian St. Gregory pointed out.

God also created…

Which one do you choose? And Why Does it Matter?

This is what happens often.

Producers are actively doing stuff in the world.

They are creating stuff. They’re starting businesses. They are entrepreneurs. They’re inspiring millions of people. They make art and publish books.

Now consumers are just consuming information all the time.

They are wasting time, they have an…

Poem 28 — End Of Escape Series

Get out of your own head
learn to let it go
like a leaf in the wind

The same greatness
seen close by or from far away
does not look the same

and maybe the poets like homeros
when looking at virtue or any other theme
are just imitating images,
Escaping the truth…

Fernando Aguilar

• • Outputting thoughts as they emerge from inside ••

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