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Poem 28 — End Of Escape Series

Fernando Aguilar
1 min readSep 26, 2020

Get out of your own head
learn to let it go
like a leaf in the wind

The same greatness
seen close by or from far away
does not look the same

and maybe the poets like homeros
when looking at virtue or any other theme
are just imitating images,
Escaping the truth

the sky is filled with fire
we lost people because of fear
hate and love — we’re all trapped in this polarity.

Don’t lose yourself in madness
the way out is within
I’m sending you love and light

To all humanity too
the plague did took our comfort
it was never ours to own

when we cannot see the enemy
you are doomed to rip it from withing
you become the enemy by compliance

realize that this life
is so damn fragile
go and make the most out of it

don’t be one of those people
that act like crabs in a basket
be one of those
pushing the best out of the world.

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Fernando Aguilar

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