Meditations— 12 curious perspectives about life:

Life is not always the ideal strike of creativity. If we have enough grit, everything can become quite amazing from a long-term perspective.

Generally, people tend to give up after a time where nothing seems to happen. We get demotivated when — “We are doing all in the right way, but nothing is happening”.

A few months ago I left everything I had going for myself and embraced the unknown. After a week of nothing happening, opportunities started to come up, and now I find myself traveling the world as a volunteer.

Internally, you know that something is going to be result of what you keep doing on a daily basis,

There is not a way that things remain equal after an action, for change is a constant and universal law.

Since you know that something is going to change, you can have some options ahead. Change it for better or Change it for worst.

You’ve acted according to your internal interests, and after you learn something, there is no going back to ignorance.

He who chooses to remain in ignorance after knowledge is a fool.

Know thyself. Know what you are doing and how it can affect the world around you. Also, Know what others are doing. And the ways it can affect you.

  1. The best way to write is expressing your most deep problems and how you solve them. Maybe by doing this, one can also inspire another to act according to what was told in first-hand.
  2. I’m now realizing that love is the greatest force in the universe. How amazing it feels to love and be loved. To support another in their interests.
  3. A healthy relationship is empowering, because you make sure that the other person knows how beautiful they are, and they make sure you know how powerful you are. And this is a cycle. You are both beautiful and powerful, and the world is only a stage for two invincible humans.
  4. It is awesome to be in a healthy kind of relationship. I don’t envy those who got the one. I am fortifying myself to find a one in one million type of person. There is always resonance in nature.
  5. Getting lost is amazing to actually find yourself. When in higher needs, the world helps you. We need to allow things to happen while delivering ourselves to the causality and embracing the consequences.
    Do not fear, you can do this. — They say.
  6. The values are the most important thing to a person. One who can grow his inner guidance can develop everything else needed. Values and virtues are the intrinsic power that respects natures laws.
  7. It is hard to focus on philosophical texts, but those which have the call to do it, cannot step outside philosophy at any moment of the day. It is like music. Once a man learns how to recognize single notes, every sound of nature becomes music to his ears.
  8. I am amazed at how different things are around the world. Finding myself lost in parks and walking tirelessly around town taught me that my sensations are nothing compared to the greatness of the universe.
  9. Wisdom comes from inside to the outside. A man that walks in the path of virtues is a sage man, a man that choose to satisfy the desires and feed the vices is an ignorant man.
  10. I can find joy in every little aspect of existence. There were times where I could also find hate and problems. These are two sides of the same coin. Thinking that problems are impossible to overcome is a mindset that has to be forgotten in order to develop the right approach to everyday situations, and this is what is going to attend our needs.
  11. Every man has problems, and every problem is solvable by applying focused energy and intention to solve it. We need to observe, research, and act upon it. The reality is that it is more comfortable to whine and cry about it than it is to act properly.
  12. I’m constantly searching for inspiration in nature. Giants of the past are teaching me how to live a balanced life. I am applying the knowledge I have in areas of my life. And I teach others what I have already discovered as truth with my own eyes. This is a chain of Teachers and Learners.

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#Day 41



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Fernando Aguilar

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