If It Hurts, Dance. (Or Create Something New).

Recently I’ve been really hyped about writing.

It feels great to be able to share some of my thoughts and then help others, while also creating the life that I want to experience.

Being alive is nice. Creating the life which I actually want to live it is even nicer.

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven”

— John Milton

Having memories stored in places allows me to know what I was thinking back in the ~old good times~.

This is wonderful! Today I watched some vlogs I recorded at the start of 2017.


It certainly does not look like just a few months have passed by.

— ▷ I’ve changed a LOT:

I am gently starting to tap into my creativity, and this is a process of writing until something good comes out of my fingertips

It is not magic, but rather, a process of inspirations.

I have a message that I want to share with others, and I am pursuing it by writing until my subconscious tap into the flow.

And when this flow process starts happening, great words come out.

I know because I’ve seen it happening before. True meaning was once experienced.

Music is allowing me to interpret the feelings of others while creating my own. “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery” — He said.

But I need to actually tap into my own feelings and see what is it that I’m wanting to say.

On forgetting and letting things go:

Forgetting allows me to live in a mode of continuous improvements. I’m allowing it to happen organically, and the faster I can do this, the better I become at doing it.

Life works this way. The more we spend time on something, the better we become in it...

The Expectations can form a shadow in front of the attitudes we make, and smiling back becomes harder and harder if we are struggling with our identity.

But when we carry on, the sound of the voice allows the talking to really say out loud what one is trying to speak

And then, there is this ‘Fuck everything’ internal feeling.

(I thought it might be too hard to let it stand alone in a phrase, so I just put the parenthesis).

Hmm, getting back on the thought process: Love is a powerful feeling, and it can heal everything. Although, there is always a right time for it to happen. We have to be open and available.

If things go wrong, love can also be a source of pain. The world may treat us bad, causing misery.

I’m thinking more on the last one here….

“Misfortune shows those who are not really friends”

— Aristotle

— ▷ Our Mindset Define our Results:

All I’m doing is trying to become better, and there isn't going to be any problem able to tackle me from actually becoming.

If something brings trouble in my life, I'll literally crush it. Trouble don’t serve my goals.

Because you know, I’m tired of being a victim of things and circumstances.

I’m fucking tired of giving up on things when I am almost at the finish line.

I’m also tired of hearing people talking about what is or isn’t good to my own life.

And right now, and forever, I’m going to type my heart off.

This is the truth, and if something gets in the way, I will be dancing and smiling back. Come on, let’s fly to the moon. Let’s play among the stars.

The life I want is balanced. Is a life of simplicity and abundance.

I Don’t want it to be tricky... When we turn out to experience some new things, the unknown may scare the shit out of ourselves.

Disregarding that, I think that my ultimate challenge is to let go of whatever doesn’t serve me anymore.

— ▷ On Analyzing The Now & Here:

In one month I have already made huge progress writing content here on medium. And feedbacks clearly shows that this is the right path. Or the left :)

Striving to keep the consistency going is paying out. Time can go and no one tells us where to run. But if we use it wisely, then it is an investment.

Do you invest in block chains? I invest in myself.

This is my call to action, a call to live your own life.

Because creativity, culture and love have to be cultivated in order to grow. And if we don’t do what is needed, time passes flying. And we look back, regretting of all the things we could have done.

This shows me that one day is only 24 hours and that taking a step-by-step approach is the best way to don’t be overwhelmed by all the changes that are quickly happen.

I like to be in my home when I can, but some may say that home is where the heart belongs. And if I carry my stuff in my baggage, maybe my home is everywhere.

“One can acquire everything in solitude — except character.”

— Marie Henri Beyle

Traveling is a nice way to experience and reset all the past behaviors that no longer serve me.

It is the unique way to be who we want others to see us and even see ourselves. AND JUST BE WHO WE ARE.

Self-control is sometimes a struggle, but sometimes can be a powerful ally.

It is by listening to ourselves that we can know what to do in difficult times.

#Day 30


Thanks For Reading ❤

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