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How to Prototype A Shared Experience

Understanding Experiments and Failure.

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If you don’t like the news… Go out and make some of your own.

Experiments, by their very definition, are expected to have a higher rate of failure. Whether your resources are abundant or scarce, embracing quick experimentation can help fuel the fires of creativity and innovation, which then leads to success.

Reducing risks leads to the comfort zone, and many people see failure as not an option. The traditional approach to failure acts as a blockage for fulfilling your purpose later in the future.

It matters not if you are taking your choices as if they are yours or if you are being influenced by others.

Staying for too long in the comfort zone is always a problem. Good food, constant sex, and cheap entertainment are poisonous. It removes the motivation to get out and do scary stuff. It prevents ambition to emerge, this means failing eventually.

Not that being influenced by others is a bad thing, but you need to be aware.

Understanding the dynamics of those relationships can help in using them for benefit in long-term goals. Most importantly, understand yourself.

And life above all things is yours.
You can’t force control over what’s outside of you.

A series of small experiments can actually increase your chances of long-term success. There are some subconscious reasons that cause you to choose to follow a path, to follow someone else. Or to be with someone else.

Because two people can’t walk a path unless they agreed and go down the path together. If one decides to go on the right path and other decides the left path, well, the road might meet down the way, they might cross somewhere. But you’re not walking together, you’re walking separately.

The only thing possible of being controlled is how you see the universe with your eyes and ears, and then act upon what’s happening right now & here.

If a man has character, he has also his typical experience, which always recurs.

That’s why you should explore yourself more. And in this text, I’m going to present you some tips for creating shared experiences, prototyping and making tangible things. You know, getting your hands dirty.

Prototyping a shared experience.

Good prototypes tell a story, and if you can get the people around you to become part of that story, the prototype can be even more persuasive.

Let’s suppose that you are trying to create something like a video to convey an idea. There are some things you can do to make the content better. Using high-quality equipment is only half of the process, speaking and presenting good information is actually much more important.

But if you got no experience it might be harsh to fail in the beginning. In the education system, we learn that failing is bad and thus we should strive to get at least 60% success. Isn’t that so?

But in real life, it’s okay to make some mistakes and break things out. We can learn from other people’s mistakes or get some insights on how to do some things even before we start doing them.

This saves time where we would be reinventing the wheel.

Going back to the video example:

A few days ago I was hired to teach computer science and robotics for kids and teens. I had to learn new things in order to teach classes that were both fun and helpful, such as logic and game-development.

One of the courses is a Youtuber Class. Teaching these little people how to start their own channel.

I had to learn how to create content in the video format, using all the equipment, the green screen, including all the fanciness of lightning and edition.

I’m not a big Youtuber to speak from experience, so I designed a shared experience that could come up with insights while I was learning with my students.

This is the list that I made to help me while teaching it:

1. Write a small script.

Memorable quotes stick because you’ve carefully chosen those words. Don’t try to wing it. A well-made script will save time in the end and ensure you cover all of your important story elements.

If you want to go with the flow instead, try starting with a bullet list containing important topics. Access them when the blank arrives and you’ll remember what is the next point to make. You don’t always need a two-page script that is overwhelming, you need to know at least the idea behind it.

2. Use voice-overs as a shortcut.

For a fast-paced video, a voice-over is the quickest way to convey meaning or backstory. Voice-overs also streamline editing because it’s often easier to add video footage to spoken audio than vice versa.

3. Get organized with a list.

Think through each shot you want in your video: close-ups, wide shots, still images, and so forth. Make a list and cross them off during your shoot to make sure you don’t miss any.

4. Pay attention to lighting and sound.

If you have anything beyond a shoestring budget, decent lighting and a remote microphone are worthwhile investments. Both will help distinguish your final cut from the average home video.

5. Be mindful of rhythm and speed.

A mix of camera angles and styles helps keep the video moving. Don’t stay too long in one camera position; a single take can get stale after a few seconds. (unless what’s happening is really important for the viewer to follow.)

6. Get early feedback.

Show rough edits to people new to the content. See what they notice and where they get lost. Have them point out when they get confused. Look for big-picture feedback — Is your message getting across? Check by asking them to summarize the video in one sentence.

7. shorter is better!

Think of your video as an elevator pitch rather than a documentary.

You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.
— Arnold Schwarzenegger

I have ideas about my personal reality that I can not express yet.
And all of this writing is nothing but another experiment of my own.

We are all unique beings and that’s why in ancient Egypt people kept repeating the phrase,

“Man, know thyself, and you are going to know the gods”.

There’s a trap in the society which is the goal to equalize, to make all things common. This leads to negative effects such as racism and oppression.

In my opinion, society wouldn’t work if there wasn’t variety and specialization. Some people are naturally better than others in swimming, some people are naturally better than others in speaking.

We like to entertain the idea that everyone is the same, that “we are all equal” and thus we oversee what this simple supposition implies.

It’s such a complex topic that it feels almost like a strange philosophy to me.

We are all one means that we are all part of the infinity, and a thing divided by infinity is a number so close to zero that is practically nothing.

That’s what this strange philosophy suggests, that we are nothing at all.

Leaving the realm of philosophy and going back to our organizations,
I believe that all of them should respect the person’s individuality by going even further and encouraging the development of one’s strengths.

Education should explore each person’s dispositions instead of making all of us go through 12 years of brainwashing to become more of the same, a cog in the machine.

If a kid is into writing, teach them how to write.
If a teen is into painting, teach arts to them.
If another one is into technology, teach programming and robotics instead.

Just don’t try to explain the geopolitical scenario of 200 years ago, because that’s only a useless and boring agenda. Things come and go, and we don’t understand all that happens while it’s happening.

Somethings we understand nothing at all.

We know that we know nothing, so trying to impose perspectives as if that was the Truth with a capital T does more harm than good.

How to act?

Life is but the shipwreck of our plans.

OK. I know that I’ve started this text talking about something and ended up writing about something else very different. But excuse me for a second because this needed to be said I guess.

Such a deep topic that I still need to develop a little further someday, maybe by dividing this into two parts or testing to see how it goes when published.

To plan some ideas is like a candle radiating light. Let’s imagine that this little bit of light has the capacity to transform our current situation in life.

Would you blow it so hard that it lights off?

I don’t think so, but yet, the candle needs oxygen… The same applies to life, The way upwards is a matter of believing and always seeking organic growth.

Because there’s a new opportunity in front of us every day. And it’s only after changing something that we perform daily that we’ll be able to start changing how we see these opportunities.

Imagine and provoke reality.
Get out of common sense and open your mind.
Imagine how we would like to count the stars together.
Imagine how cool it would be to travel.

And as if it was a dance, we meet the best people and go exactly where we need to be. It’s always like that. There’s akin of magic yet to be understood.

That is my purpose, to make the world much better.
Open this window and let in the braids of life.
My meeting is so particular when it is with you.
My life is so special when I’m happy.

Funny to think that we often do stuff because we want to escape from something. And it’s important to start becoming more aware of the experiences you are partaking in order to actively change something.

I do not want to escape anymore because it’s okay to feel the excitement of emotions, making a madness out of love or feeling sad for being lost.

Once again I find myself faced with a situation where I threw the dice on the table to play with the chance to succeed. This text started well and the dwelt in a very confusing way

It’s just that I have absolutely nothing to lose. If it works out super great, if it goes wrong I’ll have learned some lessons about myself.

And so be it, and that things happen according to the will of the universe, no matter the result, only the fun of sitting and writing. Enjoying the rain falling, the mint tea, these little things.

That’s my point, that it matters not if you are going to build a best seller or just another blog post, as long as you take lessons on what is being taught by the act itself.

Such as the sound of dolphins, it’s not meaningless. It’s just we the listeners which have no capacity to understand.

The journey to evolve is inevitable. We cannot control how others feel about us. But we trust that things always work out better than we expect.


Thanks For Reading,
Please leave a response with your take on this.

As always,
Much Love ❤



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