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Fernando Aguilar
9 min readOct 27, 2020
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Personal development only works when you integrate and make it part of your lifestyle and the things you do daily.

Life is a marathon and each day we make a small step towards some direction.

Recently I came across the Mindvalley’s CEO: Vishen Lakiani. He often speaks about The LifeBook, and the 12 Dimensions Of Mastery.

This is a concept where we are the authors of our own lives.

Vishen often talks about right intentions, and how setting our path can unlock our scripts to create our own reality.

In this article I will give my brief perspective on the first 5 Dimensions, or as I will call them, Categories Of Life.

These first five are related to our personal life.

It’s about Health, Intellectualism, Emotional, character and spirituality.

If you don’t want to read it all I will make it easier for you:

It all sums up to this:

Making your spirit light, your body tight and your goals in sight.

But if you so choose to keep reading, realize that a life with meaning is all about your small wins and small changes. Back to habits, they stack up at a long term perspective.

When you add positive habits to your life, this resonates and you become stronger. Go slow and go far.

Create habits that work for you and that you’ll do on a consistent basis. It’s insanity to expect change without changing something you do daily.

This is ultimately a journey of self discovery to identify and understand our own ideal of future.

And we will dive deep on how we can observe our self-development, creating a compelling vision for our lives while bringing focus to the most important values and virtues related to it.

Let’s go further. Thank You.

Personal Categories:

1. Health & Fitness

• Body

• Strength

Building a strong body comes first because it’s the base for everything else.

A healthy body is our jump start into success. I started eating healthfully, with copious amounts of fruits and veggies. And now it’s much easier to focus for a long time and to remain balanced even after trouble times.

When we think about fitness we often associate pain.
But without pain, there’s no gain.

With a healthy body we will have more energy, more confidence, and even a greater sense of purpose. We gain a stable foundation to build upon.

And I’ll say the truth. You don’t crave Coca-Cola after one year without drinking it. The single idea of putting poisoned water into your blood becomes just dumb.

It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle because our whole environment benefits from it.

Our body is our home. We don’t purposefully smash the walls or put everything on fire. The same logic applies here. We want a stable, comfortable place where we can feel safe and loved. For me, going vegan was the best decision I’ve made in 2017 and there’s a reason why.

Nature works in magical ways. Once we start treating our body well, our whole vibrational standpoint gets elevated. We then start experiencing the law of attraction working in our favor. We begin attracting more of the high frequency stuff into our experience.

But that’s a topic for another article. For now let’s dive into the second category.

2. Intellectual Life

• 5 doors of Input.

• 5 doors of Output.

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This might seem obvious. But allow me to explain the importance of choosing what we consume and creating as much as we consume.

IN → Educating:
What we consume.

OUT → Smart Thinking:
What we create.

We become the average of our inputs. What we become depends on what we receive from our environment.

Input is our senses. Maybe all the Information from outside comes from the five senses. We interpret them inside, associating and creating meaning.

Thus, if we choose to spend our time consuming only meaningful content in books and conversations, this give us to a quality set of ideas. Like a tool box that we use when we create something new.

It’s only by creating as much as receiving that we achieve balance in our intellectual life. But if you are experiencing a creativity block, it’s hard to transmute what you consume into something created by you.

Self-education is the only thing that allow you to build and discern intuitively.

Imagine creativity as being a very heavy ball. It takes a lot of effort to move the ball if it’s stopped in rest. But it takes only a little bit of energy to keep it moving when it is already in movement.

It’s important to choose wisely what kind of books we read, who we allow to give us advice’s and if it is helping or taking our power away from us. Because in the end, we will create that which we input.

3. Emotional Life

• Emotional Intelligence

• Blueprint & Recipes

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It does not matter the culture or period. Change and human progress happens in only a single path. A flux.

It goes from using consciousness, the main characteristics defining us as human, to then take self-responsibility, cultivate a positive view of the future which enable us to search for powerful tools of progress.

No matter what happens, we are the only responsible for the life we have been experiencing.

You are where you placed yourself. By means of your conscious or unconscious actions, the quality of your thoughts, behaviors, words or even the beliefs you allowed yourself to have.

Inside this perspective, as a steersman, you drove yourself to this current position, and having emotional intelligence means that you choose to take responsibility for driving yourself out of it.

Realizing that you got results, not failures.

If you are not pleased with these results, just notice that our choices and paths have not been satisfactory and then direct them, objectively and consciously, into a better experience. Because nothing is coincidence. What you are living is not fatalities of destiny. And you are not a victim of circumstances.

As everything in life, to believe or not in something is a matter of choice. To believe that you are the only one responsible for the life you have been experiencing is a matter of choice.

I personally choose to believe that we create our own experience. And by using tools and recipes, we can design it. These tools are a combination of words, behaviors, habits, thoughts and feelings. We can use our consciousness to define the way we speak, act, think and feel.

And all of this generates positive outcomes with tangible results.

4. Character

• Self-Responsibility

• Discipline

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I’ve been studying a lot about the psychology of success. And I noticed that many successful people know how to use their mental structure to reap results.

And when these results are not beneficial, people with character somehow find a way to learn from the pair cause-effect with responsibility.

To be self-responsible is to be absolutely certain that you are the one responsible for the life you have taken, thus you are the only one who can change it

Choosing for a right mental structure empower us. Because it allows a different way of behavior. When the crowd goes in a direction, successful people walk in a slightly different one.

It’s a completely different result because after a success they do more of it.

After a defeat, they don’t blame the circumstances, others, or their destiny. They assume the burden, look inwards and then ask:
What should I do so that I get a different result the next time?

Character is the quality of being individual, typically in an interesting or unusual way. It also means strength and originality in a person’s nature.

Now compare this view with the life you’ve been having.

Be assured that the circumstances are created by you, and as such, only you can change them.

For change, it will be necessary a strong decision to break with the past, as well as persistence and perseverance to wait for the new fruits to come at the appropriate time.

Life is a cycle.

There is time to plant, to water what was planted, and only later to harvest. The process must be repeated as well.

Sow, water and reap forever.

5. Spirituality

• Deep look at own beliefs.

• Connection within.

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I’ll quote my spiritual mentor Vishuddha Das here because his words impact. Resonating with me a lot. It’s nice to appreciate other people’s wisdom and share them as we can.

“ If you truly want to liberate yourself from suffering, then focus on liberate yourself from your own mind’s control.
Serve others.
Love without expectation.

Devote yourself to something beyond YOU.
By doing so you will free yourself from the ego and find true peace.
No matter what religion, race, sexuality or political preference.
Love everyone. ”

If this resonates with you, allow me to go further.

We are star-stuff having a human experience.

Spirituality is for me a way of understanding and positioning in the world we currently live.

When realizing that the current moment is THE moment, we keep our focus on what matters most. And we are constantly asking what matters most.

Once we realize that which matters most, we’ll get courage and wisdom to build a life inside the answer.

Spirituality is not a complicated ancient dogma telling you the do’s and don’ts.

It’s rather fluid. It teaches ways for us to be amazing, be good, be pretty, be strong, be smart, be cool.

But most important of all, spirituality teaches how to be ourselves.

We change all the time. And also does our values and virtues. When we keep the ideal of “being human” in mind, we will shape in a direction that is beneficial for us and our society.

It’s deeply about realizing that we are ephemeral as this body, as this name.

There is an observer inside which is made of energy. Since energy is never created nor destroyed, we came to this life to have experiences, and to learn. When it’s time we will transform.

If a bird came to the world to be a bird, a human came to the world to be a human. This means, to be valuable, virtuous, and wise.

Separation is the greatest illusion of all. If you get out of the box, then you’ll become free from lack and also fear…

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To Be Continued…

I left this article cooking in the draft section for a month before I felt ready to dive into this journey of self discovery.

These were the first 5 Categories and they relate only to personal life. There’s still relationships, business and holistic life. Completing 12 categories.

And as a consequence of this new beginning, now I’m starting to understand myself more, to think, and to feel as if I already got where I imagine myself at.

Even if for a brief mediation, think about these first 5 categories and try to apply these new ideas to your own life.

Don’t just clap for this article, apply it and see if this makes sense for yourself.

It helped me, and I hope it helps you too.

Thanks For Reading ❤

Much Love,
Enjoy your day.



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