How to Head Your Life Into The Right Direction:

The Empowered Human. This is your opportunity to seek guidance…

Fernando Aguilar
3 min readFeb 24, 2018

Human evolution is an inside job.

There are truths which are not told in school.

There are illusions that we don’t learn how to observe.

Growth is an inside process.

You cannot believe it until seeing with your own eyes.

Eyes of someone not content with earth’s current situation.

Eyes of someone that is searching for something else.

Eyes of someone who is growing from inside to outside.

Someone that searches for understanding on what is the matrix, and how to escape from these illusions.

All you see is all that your life will be forever.

Unless you change it.

…to gain a greater understanding of your present situation that is currently causing discomfort. New experiences will come into your life and you will see life differently in your present situation.

But you have a choice to make. And choices are made far earlier than you realize. Earlier than when we become conscious about them.

When the timing comes, you start understanding why it took so long for you to realize it. You actually start seeing signals and experiencing synchronicity.

The choice that I am about to present is the one that can change your perspective for good. That can free you from the magic spell.

This is the choice of virtues over desires.

This is the choice of Arjuna to fight the war.

This is the choice of our consciousness in control of our body.

So. We all can make a choice right now to change the status quo. Even if you got no perspective nor will, even if you don’t want to move forward, even if it’s a hard choice, I encourage you to make the right decision :)

Because the truth is that it would be beneficial for everyone if we all made smart choices. And we could learn a little bit from everyone, a little bit of design, a little bit of fiction, creativity, and do all of this while helping others with our own voice.

For too long we have been quiet. We have been silent.

And this is why is important to express our voice, to sing our song into the universe. Act in the real life and put into practice what we learn.

Remove things from theory.

Why should we all go a step further and do what we don’t like to do?
I think that because of the needed effort, we suffer. The being alone part, it’s hard for us to make the first move.

This is time to share ideas freely, my insights are valuable.

I am quite glad that I published it. I needed to be vulnerable here.

You are going to enjoy this video if listening with an open mind until the end.

We all experience difficult times when we need help.

If you ask for help it will come in interesting ways.

Helping hands are never far away.

Just ask and it comes. It may be a friend or a stranger on the street that mentions a few words that you can relate to, it is all helpful.

Rejoice in how it comes.

You may fear the future or the past but it is the present that can make a difference right now for a brighter future.

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