How To Focus And Create Micro Wins

What are micro-wins in the first place?

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Micro win is the process of taking a large goal and divide it into pieces. With smaller goals, we can easily develop momentum.

By starting and finishing something, we go forwards with a positive felling of accomplishment, which scales up and makes our actions resonate with each other, increasing the rates of successful results on realizing the bigger goal.

It’s a simple process of personal development and here I’m going to share with you a 3 step formula to create micro wins.

1. ACT

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What you make of your life is dependent on whether or not you choose to show up and act. It’s about your choice to act. Your attitude is determinant for your result.

This reminds me of a quote from the 13th century poet Rumi:

live life as if everything is rigged in your favor

And that’s how I choose to wake up everyday. Choosing life because it is a present, with the thought that the universe has my back.

Examples Of Microwins:

  • 30 min of stretching,
  • clear the clutter in your room,
  • plan a breathtaking trip,
  • work on your Trello boards,
  • create new lists,
  • take 30 min for a spa or massage moment,
  • celebrate and love yourself.
  • catch up on friends,
  • Also, Take time to invest in your relationship with your team.
    write love notes. Spend an hour upgrading your money situation. It’s all examples of quick daily micro wins.

But as powerful as positive attitude can be, it’s not enough to create a micro win.

Let’s say that I want to journal a page on my notebook everyday.

We all have the greatest tool to help us achieve these wins. And it’s an object that can be in your phone, on the table or the wall.

What can be both inside your phone or on your wall?

It’s not an atom, but a calendar. The calendar is the ability we have to be consistent over time. This leads to the number 2 from 3 steps on the formula for creating micro wins.

2. Consistency

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Everyday I scheduled time in my calendar, and divided blocks for execution. And I protected that time like a warrior, and the key to growing is consistently showing up everyday.

It’s not about the deadline, of each day showing up and publishing and being out there just to be superficial.

It’s about the writing, the showing up of my ideas that motivated me to write and journal. And it doesn’t need to be good ideas. Each bad draft is turned into a good page by the process of alchemy.

Sometimes our wins for the whole day can be as small as one good sentence. Sometimes it can be as much as 10k words where before was a white page.

Even if it’s small, I celebrate the victory. Because this propels me to the next one. This is what micro wins do, they are the solution for procrastination.

Scheduling is important because by being focused on writing for a block of time, unconsciously you’re saying no to many other tasks. The whole secret for self improvement is removing unnecessary clutter in the mind.

There’s a barrier to micro wins.

The barrier is our addiction to instant gratification. We are culturally one click away from almost anything you want. But when it comes to reality, things take time. Results scale over time, and I’ve written about this on my last article. About how patience allow the roots to be established for growth.

The process of getting in shape or learning something new takes time. We cannot download a new body. So we have to learn to be comfortable while going trough a new process. Be aware of it. Do not panic, you don’t need to feel any discomfort for not knowing how to do something like a master do.

This brings us to the third step to act.

3.The glue that holds it all together.

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This is the silver tape that fixes two separated parts of a pipe. You can call it magic unicorn glitter. But I’m going to call it Trust.

Trust is not a tangible resource. And sometimes you have to follow it in the dark, chasing secrets for waking up, realizing that there’s no time, only an eternal now. Trust is not something that you choose.

When there’s no choice, than you have to trust. I know that sometime we bump into certain walls, and it’s hard, painful. But when we can trust the process of creating wins even though we don’t physically see a result and yet we persevere. That’s when the magic happens.

Because eventually we see the progress of multiple micro wins, day after day, fruiting in results. It’s our body getting stronger, our numbers increasing, the relationships improving, our concentration getting better.

This is when we achieve our goal.

And trust is about believing in the process, turning down the volume of the negative self-talk, inner judge, and mental critic.

It does not matter if I should have more clients or not, As I became more consistent in the wins, so did the rewards. And just by creating wins I could see that the stuff I was doing was impacting others. This gave me the confidence and some belief to keep showing up, to trust myself, and to keep putting work out there in the real world. Where things are unpredictable.

And it’s not all success either.

With micro wins come micro fails, or epic fails.

But each failure is a stepping stone for me to get closer to win. It’s another way of saying Hey, that’s another way of how not to do that. And we can easily get over failures just by consistently showing up each day.

This gives us an emotional confidence that we can conquer anything. It’s an advantage over the enemies. This extra layer of resilience is what separates the alienated from the ones that think for themselves.

Wins can come in any form. Sometimes the win of waking up at 6 and doing a yoga session propels us to sit and do work later in the day. It’s like a redistribution of wealth, it can come in any way.

But it doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s not going to be very easy.

The only thing we have is the blueprint. Our minds are an empty canvas ready to be painted with the image we want. And one way of getting there closer to our goals are micro wins.

What started with me journaling is now our reality. This is why you should aim big. Dream big and realize that life is only a big dream. Choose to create the story of your greatness.

This three step formula has helped me with many challenges. And to keep consistency, trust and step into radical action is how you can merge the three sides of the pyramid. Art, action and high performance.

This is a way of letting go of what doesn’t serve you, outgrow your patterns and create the life you want. Because you are the designer of your reality. And now it’s your turn to act. Micro wins are the antidote for inaction. To make your dream a reality, attitude, trust, consistency.

Choose a positive attitude and level everything up. Believe, you can live your life as if everything is rigged in your favor. Schedule time blocks each day, consistently take action, and you’ll harness the benefits of your work.

One day is different than day one.

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Thank you Universe ❤

You are appreciated!
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