How to Elevate Your Frequency And Cultivate a Positive State of Mind.

Relearning to how we feel about ourselves and the world we live in.

Fernando Aguilar
4 min readMar 16, 2018

I found that by repeating other people’s ideas I became stagnated in a repeating thought pattern.

This loop is sometimes beneficial.
You learn something, you teach something.

I was providing valuable information doing that, absorbing to externalize, but it was not coming from the heart.

It was just something good enough to get me moving, but not something that gave me a foundation to grow.

We can, of course, innovate and come up with solutions out of the box. We humans can always create something out of imagination.

Why the brain works differently when we travel?

We memorize new things and forget others.

We get lost by finding the way back to home.

We experience extra-ordinary situations.

and we walk a lot…

This three months I just spent here at Greece were quite an experience,
I have to tell.

I have been to several amazing places, met different people from all around the world, improved my language skills and learned some really cool stuff.

I think that this is the kind of things that I’ll keep pursuing.

Of course… They are uncomfortable first. But we get through all the not-so-good parts.

Sooner than you think it’s already gone, and the good parts come.

It all becomes an experience. And you can always learn something interesting and apply this experience somewhere else.

Becoming Better by Increasing the Frequency…

I found out that for me, the process of having a new ideas is not linear.

This “i am going to make something new” looks like a chaotic sine curve, and the up days are just as frequent as the low days.

Yesterday I had an awesome day full of energy.
Today I feel like sleeping the whole day.

If we learn how to balance ourselves to become a line on time and space, we can hack this pattern.

I can choose to eat some dark chocolate today which will probably make me feel good and balance things out.

With a higher frequency, everything is still happening, but we will interact differently, the time will feel different, our perception changes.

We can intentionally increase the frequency by choosing to do so.

Going to beautiful places, watching the sunset, listening to elevating music, eating to live, and exercising are some ways to increase our body’s vibrational pattern.

We can also do it by finding someone that will introduce you to new music, art, culture, ideas, books, etc. Someone who will expand your mind and help to grow.

These small things generate positivity and feeling good feedbacks.

They make us become better, they inspire movement.

They change how we interact with our surroundings.

I was thinking about how to grow again…

When we go to Youtube or Google, everybody make us believe that we can do everything. That we can learn anything. And that we are super-humans.

But that is just not true for me.

I feel a limited amount of energy to spend in the day.

If we apply our energy that we borrow from food in places and situations and people that won’t exchange value with us, we are giving something away for free.

And that’s not beneficial…

We grow by paying close attention to the details while keeping the bigger picture in mind.

I seek to learn many different things. Read books and articles, watch lectures and videos about several different topics.

But there is a need to prioritize those that makes the heart beat. It’s not good to do all at once. We have to focus on important tasks, those that create, capture or convert into other opportunities.

In an environment where everyone is looking for efficient ways to solve everyday life problems, being creative takes more than just speaking about other people’s ideas in fancy manners.

This process don’t happen using force. It is a organic series of trials and observations. To be creative we have to analyze how we are taking action and where we can improve.

And then, making the first step…

Thanks For Reading ❤

Love &
Peace &
Much Joy.



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